banner make the most out of your cameraThe Photography Project Series

A set of 10 photography projects to help you become more creative and have fun with your photography.  You will learn loads and get some great tips and tricks.

The photography project series is a set of small bite size fun photography projects that are designed for you to "go and do", with the knowledge that you can take some pictures in a structured way and have some great fun learning.

The projects are designed to help you to learn more about light, understand your camera better and give you some structure in your newly found knowledge.

For each project you must complete the project and submit a photograph as part of your evidence that you know and understand about the type of photography you are doing.

The projects are also great fun as you will learn more about what type of photography you like and where your photography development will go.

There are 10 projects to undertake, you done need to do them in order, you simply can do the projects as you wish.

Throughout the project series you will also get exclusive access to the Enthusiast Mentor and Development private Facebook page.  You need to be registered on the David Miller Photography Training Facebook page to receive the invite to the closed page.  You can use this Facebook private page to discuss your project and share your images with like minded people in a safe and friendly environment. 

To purchase these project simply go to the shop and you will find your projects awaiting.  These are great to do time and time again and each project costs less than £10 each and there are 10 in the project series.  You can buy all 10 as a bundle for £49 which is less than £5 each!

When you purchase this you will not only get interactive support you will become an exclusive member to our Enthusiasts social page where you can add images and discuss your project and ideas with like minded budding photographers.


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