Lighroom for Beginners
Lighroom editing techniques

You like taking pictures but can't find where you have stored them?

You spend too much time behind the computer experimenting with software to try and create an edited finish you like?

If this sounds familiar then the 'Editing with Adobe Lightroom' will be the course for you.

We will teach you how to create a searchable catalogue, filter the images you want to edit and edit your pictures to the style you want. Finally we will help you save images so they can be printed or posted online.


The Lightroom for beginners course will show you how to organise your photographs ready to import into lightroom, organise your images, and add searchable information to help find those photographs you have taken.  The course to help you get started with experht elp in understanding the Library and Develop mode in Lightroom the two key functions of lightroom.  


Throughout the course as well as informative instruction we also provide a video demonstration how to, to help you on your way.  After you have played with your photographs we will then show you how to export your photographs and save them high resolution or ready for facebook or email so you can share your creativity with family and friends.


At the end of this course you will have a quiz to complete the course, a certificate on successful completion and a chance to upload some photographs for review.

This course will launch in February 2017 - Register your interested today by clicking here